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CIA World Accordion Orchestra II
Welcome to the CIA World Accordion Orchestra II.

Following the very successful World Accordion Orchestra debut performance at the Coupe Mondiale 2007 under the Musical Direction of Joan Sommers, we are delighted to announce that the “CIA World Accordion Orchestra II” is to be held during the 61st Coupe Mondiale.

The members of the CIA World Accordion Orchestra II will again include musicians from many different countries – including many officers of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes and delegates attending the 120th CIA Congress. Our Concertmaster will again be CIA President Kevin Friedrich.

It is planned that there will be several pieces each conducted by a different Musical Director - they are four well known Scottish and UK Conductors - Elaine Beecham, Ronnie Brown, Brian Laurie, Graham Laurie and together with our International Guest Conductor and founder of the concept of the World Accordion Orchestra – Joan Cochran Sommers from the USA. The program for 2008 will be:

1. Springtime Symphony - Graham Romani
Dedicated to the B.C.A. Orchestra in memory of Matyas Seiber (1905-60)

I Movement: conducted by Elaine Beecham
II Movement: conducted by Ronnie Brown
III Movement: conducted by
Brian Laurie
IV Movement: conducted by Elaine Beecham

Program notes: This work, which was given its world premiere performance by the National Accordion Orchestra, conducted by Francis Wright, on the occasion of the 21st CIA Coupe Mondiale held in the De Montfort Hall, Leicester, and is the first full-scale Symphony written for the medium of the Accordion Orchestra.

In the usual four-movement symphonic form, the work is an expression of the composer’s thoughts on the season of Spring. The first movement, in Sonata Form, expresses the gradual burgeoning of Spring over the earth, the bursting of the buds and flowers, and the songs of the birds and all the other signs of Nature of the coming of spring. The second movement is a slow-moving expressive elegy for the passing of Winter, while the third movement, in contrast, is a gaily rhythmic scherzo with a hint of mediaeval May songs and dances. The final movement is a paean in praise of Spring, interspersed with rustic peasant dances, and embodies fresh versions of the themes heard in the previous movements.

The Symphony is dedicated to the B.C.A. Orchestra in memory of the late Matyas Seiber (1905-60) whose tone-poem “Spring” (1937) was the first original work in symphonic idiom for the Accordion Orchestra.

Elaine Beecham
United Kingdom
Ronnie Brown
Brian Laurie

2. Film Noir: City at Night - Leonard (Lenny) Stack (World Premiere)
conducted by the organizer of the inaugural World Accordion Orchestra - Joan C. Sommers (USA)

Program notes: The programmatic idea is of a dark deserted street at night where menace lurks anywhere. The second theme announces a "floozy" sauntering in. The middle section increases in tension and violence as all sorts of mayhem occurs. Finally the main theme is recapitulated and it ends with a quiet ominousness. This music is reminiscent of the film noir movies of the late 1940's and early 1950's.

Joan C. Sommers

3. A Scottish March Selection - Traditional, arranged by Graham Laurie
conducted by Graham Laurie

Graham Laurie

Mandatory Rehearsal: Friday, October 24, 2008 - time to be announced
Mandatory Rehearsal: Saturday, October 25, 2008 - time to be announced

Performance: Saturday, October 25, 2008 - time to be announced

Please check back for exact rehearsal and performance times, thank you!

Please complete the following steps using either your 'mouse' or 'tab' key to move between sections:
  • (1) Name and Contact Information (this must include e-mail address for parts to be e-mailed to)
  • (2) Approximate Playing Level
  • (4) please confirm your Arrival Date and Departure Date
  • (5) Submit your World Accordion Orchestra II Registration

Please note: Each part in the orchestra is of great importance. Music will be assigned by the organizers to ensure a balance of parts. The music will be sent to you via e-mail in .pdf format.

Deadline for Orchestra registration is September 20, 2008.

Step 1 - Personal Information Please complete the following information
Family Name (Surname)
First Name
Contact Information
Address Street/Number
State, Postal/Zip Code
Telephone Country: City: Number:
Fax Country: City: Number:
E-mail (all parts will be sent via e-mail)
Step 2 - Approximate Playing Level
Minimum Playing level: Palmer and Hughes (Grade) 5-6
Playing level: Palmer and Hughes (Grade) 7-10
Playing level: Advanced
Playing level: Bass (must bring own instrument/amp)
Step 4 - Arrival Date/Departure Date
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Questions or additional information
Step 5 - Submit Your Orchestra Registration Form
Please submit your information by clicking the "SUBMIT WAO II INFO" button below.


We look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow for the 61st Coupe Mondiale!


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