Members of the CIA Music Committee have been continually evaluating the program requirements of the various Coupe Mondiale categories, and in recent years have established a new format which provides them the opportunity to promote many new original works for the accordion.

Instead of requiring candidates to perform a Test Piece in the Coupe Mondiale, the CIA offers a Special Recognition Award for Best New Original Solo Work, composed in 2011/2012, presented at the Coupe Mondiale for the first time.

If you are performing a new solo work(s), composed in 2011/2012 as part of your competition program (no time restriction), which has never been performed at a previous Coupe Mondiale, that you would like to present in consideration for this award, you will be given the opportunity to submit this work for consideration, as you complete your on-line entry form.

Contestants from the Coupe Mondiale, Masters Coupe Mondiale and the Junior Coupe Mondiale who wish to have their new original work(s) considered for this award, will be required to perform the piece(s) at an assigned time during the upcoming Coupe Mondiale festival in Italy. This special hearing will ensure that the same jury hears the new works presented for consideration.


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