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Daily reports by Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador)
Festival pictures and videos are provided by Kevin Friedrich, Harley Jones, Carol Yan, Alison Worthington and Graham Laurie.
pre coupe
Accordion Festival in Victoria, preceeding the Coupe Mondiale

After almost 50 years, the Coupe Mondiale, World Accordion Championships, has come back to Canada again. From August 17 to 25, 2013, the 66th Coupe Mondiale will be held in beautiful Victoria. This will be only the second time ever that the Coupe Mondiale has been held on Canadian soil (Toronto in 1964). The Coupe has become the world’s biggest and most prestigious accordion event, attracting hundreds of accordionists and accordion lovers from all over the world. No wonder that nowadays people call it Accordion Olympics.
The BC Accordion Society is hosting the 66th Coupe Mondiale as a part of the 7th Victoria International Accordion Festival. The core of this amazing event will be the World Accordion Competition, starting on Aug 19, for soloists and ensembles for musicians up to 32 years of age and, they will be competing in eight categories, classical and virtuoso entertainment genres.
On August 17 and 18, orchestras from several continents will be competing in the World Competition of Accordion Orchestras, in two rounds. In addition, on August 16, there will be the Annual Victoria International Accordion Competition.
Apart from the competition, the audience will enjoy the most incredible events and concerts, featuring the world’s best accordion soloists and ensembles, such as Ludovic Beier, Renzo Ruggieri, Alexander Sevastian, Jelena Milojevic, Trio Voronezh, Cory Pesaturo, Esse Quintet, World Accordion Orchestra, with special performances by Ballet Victoria and Vox Humana Choir. On August 18, there will be an Accordion Parade through downtown Victoria, with hundreds of accordionists from all over the world. There will be seven world-class evening concerts, and numerous free concerts around the city, presenting the most various music genres and styles. The evening concerts will be held in the Alix Goolden Performace Hall. Throughout the festival, there will be an Accordion Museum Open Exhibition and there will be a large international Trade Show, culminating with a big concert on Aug 24, at Centennial Square.
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Victoria Accordion Club Accordion Orchestra
BC Accordion Orchestra, conductor Aleksandar Milojevic
Maureen Jorosh  conducting the Jorosh Accordion Ensemble
Vivace Accordion Orchestra from Spokane, USA. Conductor Carls Luke
Acclactica Accordion Orchestra conducted by Maureen Jorosh
Da Capo Accordion Youth Orchestra from Thuringia, Germany.  Conductor Undine Sinnhöfer.
Concertino (Moldavia)
Trophies for the Pre-Coupe Mondiale solo categories winners
Concertino (Moldavia) were very popular for their superb performance and were at the prize giving to also perform.
Some of the international guests had arrived.  Left to right: Renzo Ruggieri (Italy - Jury), Graham Laurie (Scotland - Jury), Zandar Bodell (UK - competitor), Anna Bodell (UK - delegate), Werner Weibert (Austria - Jury), Herbert Scheibenrief (Austria - Jury).
A group of young players entertained the audience with "Shoo Fly".

Winners from the Friday Victoria Accordion Club solo competitions were as follows:

  • 10 years & under  1st: Name TBA (Croatia)
  • 14 years & under   1st =  Alexander Bodell (UK) & Naomi Harris (USA)
  • 18 years & under classical  1st: Bozidar Rajic (Serbia)
  • 18 years & under variety  1st: Lorenzo Bosica  (Italy)
  • Senior classical   1st:  Tian Jianan (China)
  • Senior Variety   1st: Tian Jianan (China)
Above left: Naomi Harris (USA), 1st = 14 years & under solo category
Above right: Alexander Bodell (UK), 1st = 14 years & under solo category
Above left: Bozidar Rajic (Serbia) 1st, 18 years & under Classical 
Above right: Tian Jianan (China) 1st, Senior Classical
Lorenzo Bosica  (Italy), 18 years & under Entertainment
Conductor Undine Sinnhöfer of the Da Capo Accordion Youth Orchestra, from Jena city, Thuringia, Germany
Tian Jianan (China) 1st, Senior Variety Competition
The Da Capo Accordion Youth Orchestra from Thuringia, Germany.
Da Capo Accordion Youth Orchestra
Accordion Parade in Downtown Victoria
To begin the official festivities of the 66th Coupe Mondiale the hosts organized an Accordion Parade in downtown Victoria.
CIA President Raymond Bodell (right) and Herbert Scheibenreif and Werner Weibert (Austria) left and center
with the Parade Banner in downtown Victoria
Above and below: the giant accordion made for the parade. You might notice well known Canadian
accordionist Michael Bridge on the right as one of the performers!
Several members of the CIA attendees assisted in the launching of the Parade including Viatcheslav Semionov, Aleksander Bodell (contestant in the Junior Entertainment division), Raymond and Anna Bodell (CIA Presdient and NAO Chairperson), Jelena Milijovic, Herbert Scheibenreif, Werner Weibert (Hosts of the 2014 Coupe Mondiale in Austria).
Video segments of the parade kindly provided by Marco Cinaglia.
Contestant Draw for Playing Order
Constents in the seven rounds of CIA International competitions met at the Alix Goolden Concert Hall to draw for playing order. In a magnificent atuomated system designed by Ville Mattila, the son of the CIA General Secretary, as contestants drew their playing number, their ID cards were scanned, with draw results being updated in real time to reflect playing order and time of performance.

The information is e-mailed/texted to the contestants with updated alerts pertaining to draw order and information.
Below, the contestants in many of the categories are pictured during the draw process.

130th General Assembly of Delegates
CIA President Raymond Bodell welcomed Delegates of the 130th General Assembly to Victoria. The second time in CIA history that the event has been held in Canada, many attendees have travelled extremely long distances to support the 66th Coupe Mondiale hosted by the British Columbia Accordion Society, the Canadian member of the CIA.
President Bodell recorded his thanks to last years organizer, the Italian Accordion Culture (CIA member from Italy) for the wonderful Coupe Mondiale festival in Spoleto, as well as to the Austrian member the Harmonikaverband Österreichs (HVÖ) for hosting the Winter Congress in Vienna where delegates attended the 129th General Assembly from February 1-3, 2013.
Meetings from these minutes were circulated and approved then reports were given by the President, General Secretary and the Public Relations Manager who expressed sincere appreciation for the wonderful presentaiton of this years World Accordion Day hosted by Frederic Deschamps and Grayson Masefield.
The election for President was held, with current President Raymond Bodell being re-elected for a second term unopposed. Thanks were offered to him for his leadership and he also expressed appreciation to his Executive Team for their support. All other elections (Vice Presidents, Public Relations, Chairperson of the Music Committee, General Secretary and members of the Music Committee will be decided at next years 132nd General Assembly in Salzburg, Austria.
Future activities were discussed, with the Winter Congress meetings and Coupe Mondiale festiival competitions being hosted through 2021. The General Assembly will continue its second session on Saturday.
Attendees were as follows:
CIA Executive Committee Members CIA Music Committee Members
United Kingdom - Raymond Bodell
France - Frédéric Deschamps (Chairperson)
Austria - Herbert Scheibenreif (Vice President) russia Russia - Viatcheslav Semionov (Vice Chairperson)
USA - Joan C. Sommers (Vice Chairperson)
China - Li Cong (Member)
Finland - Kimmo Mattila (General Secretary) CIA Honorary Vice President
New Zealand - Harley Jones (Public Relations Manager)
Canada - Aleksandar Milojevic (2013 Hon. Vice President)
France - Frédéric Deschamps (Music Committee Chair)    
USA - Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador)  

Austria - Harmonika Verband Österreichs (HVÖ)
Werner Weibert
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Muzicka Akademija Istocno Sarajevo
Bratislav Manasijevic
Canada - British Columbia Accordion Society
Jelena Milojevic
Aleksander Milojevic
China - Accordion Association of Chinese Musicians Association (CAA)
Crystal Wang
Li Cong
France - l’Association Des Professeurs Hohner (APH)
Frédéric Deschamps

Finland - Suomen Harmonikkaliitto (SHL)
Kimmo Mattila
Ville Mattila

Germany - Deutscher Harmonika-Verband e.V. (DHV)
Georg Hettmann
Italy - Italian Accordion Culture (IAC)
Mirco Patarini
Antonio Spaccarotella
Lithuania: Kaunas Accordion Society (KAS)
Kazys Stonkus
New Zealand - New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA)
Sonja Palinich
Carol Yan
Lionel Reekie
Russia - Interregional Association of Bayanists and Accordoinists
Viatcheslav Semionov
Serbia - Faculty of Arts of the University of Niš
Miljan Bjeletic
United Kingdom - National Accordion Organisation of the United Kingdom (NAO)
Anna Bodell
Graham Laurie
Alison Worthington
USA - American Accordionists’ Association (AAA)
Mary Tokarski
USA - Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG)
Betty Jo Simon
Liz Finch

Proxy Votes
slovakia Slovakia - Methodical Centre of Accordion "Marta Szokeova" (MCA)
Tibor Racz
Prozy assigned to Anna Bodell - National Accordion Organization of the United Kingdom
Apologies for Non-attendance
slovakia Slovakia - Methodical Centre of Accordion "Marta Szokeova" (MCA)
Slovakia - Tibor Racz (Vice President)
New Zealand - Grayson Masefield (Music Committee Member)
germany Germany - Andreas Nebl (Music Committee Member)
serbia Serbia - Department of Accordion at Faculty of Philology and Art in Kragujevac (FILUM)
Vojin Vasovic
New Zealand - New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA)
Heather Masefield
Sweden - Sveriges Dragspelares Riksförbund
Jörgen Sundeqvist
Russia - Russian Alliance of Harmonica and Accordion Performers (RAHAP)
Alexander Selivanov
Yulia Amerikova
 russia Russia - International Music Center "Harmony"
Contact for CIA: Alexsander Poeluev
Brazil: Associação dos Acordeonistas do Brasil (AAB)
Lauro Valerio
USA - American Accordionists’ Association (AAA)
Linda Soley Reed
Portugal - Conservatorio Regional de Castelo Branco (CRCB)
Paulo Jorge Ferreira
Above: Executive Committee Members:
Raymond Bodell (President, United Kingdom), Frederic Deschamps (Chairperson Music Committee, France),
Harley Jones (Public Relations Manager (New Zealand) and Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador, USA)
Herbert Scheibenreif (Vice President, Austria), Joan Cochran Sommers (Vice President, USA),
Kimmo Mattila (General Secretary, Finland), Raymond Bodell (President, United Kingdom)
Anna Bodell (UK), Graham Laurie (UK), Alison Worthington (UK), Bratiislav Manasijevic (Bosnia), Li Cong (China),
Crystal Wang (China), Karys Sonkis (Lithuania), Jacques Monet (France)
Crystal Wang (China), Karys Sonkis (Lithuania), Jacques Monet (France), Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia),
Carol Yan (New Zealand), Sonja Palinich (New Zealand), Lionel Reekie (New Zealand),
Werner Weibert (Austria), Georg Hettman (Germany)
Above left: Betty Jo Simon (USA-ATG), Liz Finch (USA-ATG), Mary Tokarski (USA-AAA),
Coupe Mondiale Organizer Alexandar Milojevic (Canada) Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria)
Above right: Li Cong and Crystal Wang (China)
Lionel Reekie (New Zealand), Werner Weibert (Austria), Georg Hettmann (Germany),
Ville Mattila (Finland), Mirco Patarini (Italy)
International Accordion Orchestra Competition
The Gala Evening Concert was held in the Alix Goolden Concert Hall, where the International Competition for Accordion Orchestras featured the four of the previous day's competition, competing for the top prize. The top four finalists were as follows:
Members of the Jury: Alexander Sevastian (Canada), Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria), Graham Laurie (Scotland),
Joan Cochran Sommers (USA) and Raymond Bodell (United Kingdom)
British Columbia Accordion Orchestra, Conductor Aleksandar Milojevic (Canada)
Vivace Accordion Orchestra (USA)
Maureen Jarosh Accordion Orchestra (Canada)
Concertino (Moldova)
roland prize
Concertino receiving their new Roland accordion as part of the 1st Prize
Final Results of the Competition

1st: Concertino
2nd: Maureen Jarosh Accordion Ensemble
3rd: Vivace Accordion Orchestra
4th: BC Accordion Orchestra

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