Composers are invited to submit their new compositions for consideration to be included in the new CIA Composers Portfolio, 2013.
Compositions must be an «Original Solo Work», composed in 2012/2013, to be presented at the Coupe Mondiale for the first time. The Composition must be submitted to the CIA by the closing date of entries in both written score and .mp3 format.
The Music committee will then make a first selection (minimum one month before the Coupe Mondiale), and the selected composers will be invited to make representation to the Coupe Mondiale in Canada, by the artist of their own choice.
A jury composed not only of all the International Jury members, but candidates and also a LIVE STREAMING VOTE will decide for each composition, if it is to be selected to be part of the «CIA COMPOSITION PORTFOLIO 2013».
If you have a Composition that has been composed in 2012/2013, which has never been performed at a previous Coupe Mondiale, that you would like to considered to be part of the CIA Composition portfolio 2013, we invite you to submit it for review.
Instructions for Entering your Composition:
Simply send a copy of the score and an .mp3 sound track via e-mail to the CIA General Secretariat, Kimmo Mattila
Please include full contact details such as Composer's full name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Address, Phone Number and e-mail address.

We look forward to hearing your new works for accordion!

  • A special page on the CIA website.
  • A Special WEB TV SHOW for each composer, presenting his/her new composition (an analysis, explanation, image, inspiration, citations, style, technical aspect, etc...)
  • A special Facebook page for the NEW COMPOSITION PORTFOLIO.
  • News on website and sales or direct sales.
  • A special National promotion will encouraged by each member association of the CIA.

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