General Information regarding Nominations for Members of the Jury
Welcome to the Jury Nomination page for the 2013 Coupe Mondiale. We are currently accepting nominations for jury positions.

The organizers will be providing accommodations for five nights for a limited number of members of the Jury. It is possible that once these positions have been filled as per CIA Guidelines - Point 2.c, that we will be able to accept further members of the jury on various categories, however, the jury members will be responsible for their own accommodations.

Registration Deadline: July 10, 2013

We will notify members of the Jury of their acceptance as soon as possible, and a preliminary notification will be made by July 20, 2013.

CIA Guidelines - Point 2.c

CIA Members
Each country represented in the CIA by a Premiere or Voting Member shall be entitled to nominate one adjudicator, where that country has a competitor, provided the nominee is approved by the CIA Music Committee. Each adjudicator must be nominated by the Premiere or Voting Member they represent, by submitting the on-line registration form by the due date.
Registration Deadline:
July 10, 2013.

Please note: If you are selected to be hosted as a jury member based on your CIA Member country entering a candidate, if your candidate then withdraws from the Coupe Mondiale, meaning your country does not have a contestant in any one of the seven CIA Coupe Mondiale categories, we may then offer the hosting as outlined above, to the next person in line to be hosted, that has met the above listed requirements.

Countries without CIA Members
Nominations will also be accepted from countries where there is no CIA member. Please use this form to submit your nomination for the International Jury.

Registration Deadline: July 10, 2013.

Please complete the following steps using either your 'mouse' or 'tab' key to move between sections:
  • (1) Personal Information for Adjudicator
  • (2) Which categories your Candidate will be entering
  • (3) Your Biography and judging experience if you have not recently adjudicated at a Coupe Mondiale festival
  • (4) Submit your registration
Step 1 - Personal Information Please complete the following information
Adjudicator Family (last) Name
Adjudicator First Name
Nationality as on Passport
Country of Residence
CIA Premiere Voting Member
If from CIA Premiere Voting Member, please select
Position in Premiere Voting Organization
Officer, Delegate, Member etc...
or CIA Voting Member
If from CIA Voting Member
Position in Voting Member Organization
Officer, Delegate, Member etc...
or CIA Guest/Visitor
If you are from an organization or country that is not a CIA member, or a visitor to the 66th Coupe Mondiale, please specify your country and title/role.
Step 2 - Please indicate Categories Entered
Please indicate the categories in which your country has a contestant. To be an official entry, your contestant must have sent in the completed entry form using the on-line entry form, and have paid the appropriate entry fees.
No. of Entrants CIA Category No. of Entrants CIA Category
66th Coupe Mondiale Virtuoso Entertainment
Masters Coupe Mondiale Junior Virtuoso Entertainment
Junior Coupe Mondiale Ensemble Music Competition
Int. Digital Accordion Competition b b

Step 3 - Adjudicator Bio
Please submit a two or three paragraph professional biography about yourself which should include previous adjudicating experience and other professional experience as you would like it to appear in our publications. Please include your website Internet address if applicable.

Note: If you have have adjudicated at a Coupe Mondiale event in the previous 10 years, it is not necessary to submit a bio at this time. If we need any additional information, we can contact you. Please indicate the last year you were part of the Jury panel for a Coupe Mondiale Festival.
Questions or additional information:
Step 4 - Submit Your Registration Form
Please submit your information by clicking the "SUBMIT" button below.


We look forward to welcoming you to Victoria for the 66th Coupe Mondiale!

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