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Daily reports by Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador) with festival pictures and videos provided by Kevin Friedrich and Harley Jones
for event videos, please visit the Education and Archive Project link. For Alfa TV Coverage, archive link will be added when it becomes available.

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Event Setup and Preliminary Coupe Mondiale Activities
As members of the CIA Executive Team, International Delegates, Jury members and contestants began arriving in Finland from around the world, the Logomo venue began setting up to host the 68th Coupe Mondiale and festival.
Logomo is located in the heart of the city, just next to the main railway station, Logomo was a former locomotive engineering workshop that has been converted into one of Finland's most unique state of the art performance spaces. Housing several venues in additional to the main Concert Hall, Logomo serves as the venue of Coupe Mondiale 2015.
Logomo, the venue of the 2015 Coupe Mondiale 
CIA President Raymond Bodell and wife Anna Bodell at the Coupe Mondiale venue
CIA Executive Committee Meeting
Members of the CIA Executive Team met to discuss details pertaining to the CIA and their upcoming activities prior to the 134th General Assembly of Delegates. Items for discussions and recommendations included upcoming events, work of the Music Committee, membership affairs and Award considerations.
Kimmo Mattila (General Secretary), Harley Jones (Public Relations Manager), Herbert Scheibenreif (Vice President),
Raymond Bodell (President), Viatcheslav Semionov (Vice President), Li Cong (Vice President),
Mirco Patarini (Chairperson of the Music Committee) and Kevin Friedrich (Ambassador).