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wao posterOn behalf of the CIA, the Lithuanian National Accordionist's Union and Musical Director Joan Cochran Sommers, welcome to World Accordion Orchestra X.
On 30 September 2018, the CIA World Accordion Orchestra X will perform three works from three diverse American composers.
The first piece Serenata is a classic gem from renowned American composer Leroy Anderson. The second work is by accordionist and composer Amy Jo Sawyer. Amy Jo and WAO condutor Joan C. Sommers were among the first accordionists to represent the USA at the Coupe Mondiale. Amy Jo has written numerous works for accordion orchestra and her lovely work Recuerdos will feature this year. The program will culminate in the magnificent West Side Story as the CIA joins the global centennial celebration in honor of Leonard Bernstein's 100th annivesary.
Conductor Joan C. Sommers, founder of the CIA World Accordion Orchestra was awarded the title of Professor Emerita upon her retirement from the University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory of Music (USA), where she established and taught the accordion degree program for forty years. She has arranged innumerable works for the accordion orchestra over many years, often for the UMKC Accordion Orchestra, a large symphonic accordion orchestra, which, under her direction, competed in and won more First Prizes in Virtuoso Accordion Orchestra Competitions than any other similar American group. This is a record still unbroken today.
In both 1955 and 1956 she earned the right to represent the USA in the Coupe Mondiale and, although she didn’t win, it was those experiences which opened her eyes to the tremendous opportunities available to accordionists; perhaps it also fixed her life-long interest in worldwide accordion activities. Most recently, she celebrated the 50th Anniversary of her UMKC Accordion Orchestra when they presented their 50th Gala Concert at the University.
As the arranger, Joan has had many years of experience as a teacher, a conductor, and an arranger for accordion orchestras at all levels. Many of these arrangements were used by her own orchestras in competitions held throughout the USA and on the many tours made by her groups overseas as well.
Joan C. Sommers has held positions in several music organizations, including the Accordionists & Teachers Guild International (ATG) and the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA – IMC-UNESCO). Today, Professor Sommers enjoys performing with fellow accordionists in duo, with other instrumentalists and with the UMKC Chamber Accordion Ensemble. In addition to her performing, she continues to adjudicate, coach soloists, prepare accordion orchestra arrangements, and conduct accordion orchestras regularly. After her retirement as CIA Vice President, she was unanimously awarded the status of CIA Honorary Member.

The World Accordion Orchestras to date include:

World Accordion Orchestra I - Alexandria, VA (Washington, DC) - USA
Saturday, 18 August 2007
Conductor: Joan Cochran Sommers
- Hands Across the Sea March by John Philip Sousa
- Lest We Forget by Leonard Stack (World Premiere)
- Let There Be Peace on Earth by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson, arr. by Joan Cochran Sommers

World Accordion Orchestra II - Glasgow, Scotland
Saturday, 25 October 2008
Conductors: Joan Cochran Sommers, Graham Laurie, Elaine Beecham, Ronnie Brown & Brian Laurie
- A Scottish March Selection - Traditional, arranged by Graham Laurie
conducted by Graham Laurie
- Film Noir: City at Night by Leonard (Lenny) Stack (World Premiere)
conducted by Joan C. Sommers (USA)
- Springtime Symphony by Graham Romani
Dedicated to the B.C.A. Orchestra in memory of Matyas Seiber (1905-60)
I Movement: conducted by Elaine Beecham
II Movement: conducted by Ronnie Brown
III Movement: conducted by Brian Laurie
IV Movement: conducted by Elaine Beecham

World Accordion Orchestra III - North Shore City (Auckland), New Zealand
Saturday, 29 August 2009
Conductors: Joan Cochran Sommers & Gary Daverne

- Pocket Overture by Gary Daverne
- Auckland March by Gary Daverne (World Premiere Performance)

commissioned by the NZAA to commemorate the 2009 Coupe Mondiale World Championships & Festival
conducted by Gary Daverne
- Suite from “Video Games Live” arr. by Joan C. Sommers
- Radetzky March, Op. 228 by Johann Strauss, Sr. arr. by Willi Münch

conducted by Joan Cochran Sommers

World Accordion Orchestra IV - Varaždin, Croatia
Saturday, 23 October 2010

Conductor: Joan Cochran Sommers & Slavko Magdić
- Iconosphere by John Franceschina (World Premiere Performance)
1. Prologue, 2. Parados, 3. Parabasis, 4. Agon, 5. Syzygy, 6. Cordax
Conductor: Joan Cochran Sommers
- Werziade I by Fritz Dobler
- Wither, Wither Violet by Josip Matanoviæ and Saša Bastalec
arrangement based on a Croatian Folk Song
Conductor: Slavko Magdić

World Accordion Orchestra V - Shanghai, China
Thursday, 6 October 2011
Conductors: Joan Cochran Sommers & Chen Weiliang
- Spring Festival Overture by Li Huanzhi, arranged by Li Rui and Chen Weiliang
- Jasmine - Trad. Chinese Folk Song, arranged by Li Rui and Chen Weiliang
with Children's Choir: China Welfare Institute Children's Palace & Little Companion Art Troupe Chorus
Conducted by Chen Wiliang
- Gershwin! (A Medley) - George Gershwin, arranged by Joan Cochran Sommers
Conducted by Joan Cochran Sommers

World Accordion Orchestra VI - Spoleto, Italy
Friday, 24 August 2012
Conductors: Joan Cochran Sommers & Torsten Petzold
- Paragon March by Anthony Galla-Rini
Conducted by Torsten Petzold
- Selections from E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial) by John Williams, arr. by Joan Cochran Sommers
Conducted by Joan C. Sommers

World Accordion Orchestra VII - Victoria BC, Canada
Tuesday, 20 August 2013
Conductors: Joan Cochran Sommers & Maureen Jarosh

- Danse Villageoise by Claude Champagne
Conducted by Maureen Jarosh
- Selections from Les Miserables by
Schönberg & Kretzmer, arr. by Joan Cochran Sommers
featuring Lionel Reekie, Tenor (New Zealand)
Conducted by Joan Cochran Sommers

World Accordion Orchestra VIII - Salzburg, Austria
Saturday, 1 November 2014
Conductors: Joan Cochran Sommers, Jacob Noordzij and Werner Weibert

- The Sound of Music by Richard Rodgers, arr. by Werner Weibert
Conducted by Jacob Noordzij
- A Tribute to Bernstein by Leonard Bernstein, arr. by Werner Weibert
Conducted by Werner Weibert

- Let There Be Peace on Earth by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson, arr. by Joan Cochran Sommers
Conducted by Joan Cochran Sommers
with Choir prepared and directed by
Sylvia Zobek and Helmut Zeilner

onducted by Joan Cochran Sommers

World Accordion Orchestra IX - Osimo, Italy
Sunday, 10 September 2017
Conductor: Joan Cochran Sommers

- Omaggio a Pietro Overture by Pietro Frosini, arr. Anthony Galla-Rini
- Medley from La La Land by Justin Hurwitz, arr. Liz Finch
Another Day of Sun, Audition (The Fools Who Dream), A Lovely Night,
City of Stars, Mia & Sebastian’s Theme, and Someone In The Crowd

- Medley from Beauty and The Beast by Alan Menken, arr. Joan Cochran Sommers
Belle, Beauty and The Beast and Be Our Guest

 World Accordion Orchestra X Schedule:

  • Rehearsal Schedule:
    Saturday, 29 September, 2018
    Sunday, 30 September, 2018
  • Concert:
    Sunday, September 30, 3:00 PM

On behalf of the CIA and the Lithuanian National Accordionist's Union, Musical Director and founder of the World Accordion Orchestra Joan Cochran Sommers welcomes you to this exciting International accordion event and encourages your participation in this historic tenth edition of the 'World Accordion Orchestra.'

Please complete the following steps using either your 'mouse' or 'tab' key to move between sections:
  • (1) Name and Contact Information (this must include e-mail address for parts to be e-mailed to)
  • (2) Approximate Playing Level, Accordion and additional information
  • (3) Submit your World Accordion Orchestra IX Registration

Please note: Each part in the orchestra is of great importance. Music will be assigned by the organizers to ensure a balance of parts. The music will be sent to you via e-mail in .pdf format.

Deadline for Orchestra registration is August 15, 2018.

1. Name and Contact Information - Please complete the following information
Family Name
First Name
Confirm E-mail Address
2. Playing and Accordion Information
I would prefer parts to be assigned with level
I will play an accordion with treble notes   and
I will be playing another type of accordion
Questions or additional information. Do you play with an existing orchestra/group that will be attending the Coupe Mondiale Festival? If so, please list which one here.

Please Note: You will need to arrange to bring your own instrument, or arrange to borrow an instrument yourself.
3. Please Submit Your WAO X Registration
Please submit your information by clicking the "SUBMIT WAO X INFO" button below.


We look forward to welcoming you to Kaunas for for the 71st Coupe Mondiale and World Accordion Orchestra X.

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