Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Welcome to the
2004 Coupe Mondiale in
Pontarlier, FRANCE

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The 57th Coupe Mondiale in Pontarlier has drawn incredible media interest. Throughout the day TV, Radio and Newspaper representatives covered the various activities. Pictured here is Jérôme Richard performing at a local restaurant before an interview with Coupe Mondiale organizer Frederic Deschamps and CIA President Kevin Friedrich.

Most restaurants and cafes around Pontarlier are featuring live accordion entertainment during the week-long Coupe Mondiale event, increasing the general awareness of the competitions and concerts, many of which are sold out.

In addition to these live performances, visitors and residents of Pontarlier are greeted with billboards and posters throughout the town, advertising the festival.

The 57th Coupe Mondiale International Competition for Accordion Soloists began with the 112th General Assembly of Delegates chaired by CIA President Kevin Friedrich.

In attendance were Delegates and Jury from around the world including:
Joan C. Sommers, Herbert Scheibenreif, Alexandr Dmitriev, Heather Masefield, Vjera Odak-Jembrih,
Drazen Kosmerl, Vojin Vasovic, Nada Vjestica

USA - Kevin FRIEDRICH Austria - Walter MAURER
United Kingdom - Raymond BODELL Fiji - Harley JONES
Portugal - Carlos SEMEDO France - Frederic DESCHAMPS
Russia - Oleg SHAROV Serbia and Montenegro - Miljan BJELETIC
Denmark - Alfred RENNER Macedonia - Zorica KARAKUTOVSKA
USA-ATG - Joan SOMMERS Portugal - Paulo Jorge FERREIRA
France - Jacques MORNET United Kingdom - John LESLIE
Austria - Herbert SCHEIBENREIF Bosnia and Herzegovina - Nada VJESTICA
France - Franck ANGELIS Russia - Alexandr DMITRIEV
Croatia - Vjera ODAK-JEMBRIH Croatia - Dražen KOŠMERL
Spain - Joxan GOIKOETXEA MARITXALAR People's Republic of China - Jun CHEN
Serbia and Montenegro - Vojin VASOVIC
Italy - Gianluca PICA   Apologies
New Zealand - Heather MASEFIELD Australia-ASA - Elizabeth JONES
Denmark - Peter ANDERS Vietnam - Dr. Lu Quang MINH
United Kingdom - Graham LAURIE USA-AAA - Maddalena BELFIORE
USA-AFNA - Sylvia PRIOR Australia-AATA - Tania LUKIC-MARX
Finland - Minna KULMALA Norway - Kjell OLSEN
USA-AAA - Faithe DEFFNER Switzerland - Peter FREY
Macedonia - Anica KARAKUTOVSKA Slovakia - Tibor RACZ
Luxembourg - Charles REISCH Germany - Arnold KUTZLI
Russia - Viatcheslav SEMIONOV France - Lydie KOTALA

Gianluca Pica, Franck Angelis, Jacques Mornet, Chen Jun, Alfred Renner, Oleg Sharvo, Viatcheslav Semionov,
Joxan Goikoetxea Maritxalar, Paulo Jorge Ferreira and Carlos Semedo
Faithe Deffner, Joan C. Sommers, Herbert Scheibenreif
During the General Assembly delegates discussed and arranged details pertaining to the 2004 Coupe Mondiale as well as other general business regarding the operations of the CIA. In addition to the business items, delegates also reported on accordion activities from their respective countries.

The second session of the 112th General Assembly will be held on Saturday afternoon.

Contestants for the Senior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
waiting to draw their playing order numbers
Contestants for the Junior Coupe Mondiale waiting to
draw for their playing order numbers

CNFA Coupe Mondiale organizer Frederic Deschamps (pictured right) welcomed more than 700 people to the Salle des Capucins in Pontalier for the Opening Concert of the 57th Coupe Mondiale. Welcome speeches were given by the Mayor of Pontarlier Mr. Patrick Genre (left) and the CIA President Kevin Friedrich (center).

The concert opened with a superb performance by The 'K' Trio who were making their European debut concert tour. The "K" Trio (Mary Kasprzyk Tokarski, Julie Kasprzyk Cardona and Walter Kasprzyk) performed nationwide in competitions and concerts as youngsters. As young adults, life moved them to different areas of the United States however after 25 years apart, they all relocated to Connecticut again, and soon after began performing as The "K" Trio.

Both Julie and Mary represented the USA in previous Coupe Mondiale Competitions. Julie represented the United States in Holland (1967-3rd place), England (1968-2nd place) and New York City (1969-4th place) and Mary represented the United States in the CIA Coupe Mondiale in Belgium (1971) and France (1973). Walter captured the Connecticut State Championship Title in 1966, 1967 and 1968, and went on to be a contender for the United States Championship many times thereafter.

The "K" Trio delighted the Pontarlier audience with their program of light classics and were called back for an encore. The capacity audience were shown why The "K" Trio has been described as three world-class musicians with the technical precision of the Juilliard String Quartet and the universal appeal of the Boston Pops.

In addition to their concert in France at the Coupe Mondiale and addition European concerts in Switzerland and Germany, The 'K' Trio has toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

To finish the first part of the concert, Alexander Poeluev of Russia, a student at the Gnessin Institute in Moscow, performed a classical program including the popular Don Rhapsody composed by his teacher, Mr. Viatcheslav Semionov. Alexander was the grand winner of the 2002 CIA Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships hosted by the Danske Harmonikaspilleres Landsforbund (DHL) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Alexander became the first contestant to ever win two categories in the same year - the "Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships" and "International Competition for Piano Accordion".

Renowned for his superb control and musical style, Alexander has been invited for concert tours by many CIA member nations including the Australian Accordion Teachers Association (AATA), the New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA) the Danske Harmonikaspilleres Landsforbund (DHL) in Denmark, and both the American Accordionists' Association (AAA) and the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG) in the United States prior to this apperance for the Confédération Nationale Française de L'Accordéon (CNFA) in Pontarlier.

Opening the second half of the program were Russian accordionists Nikolay Sivchuk and Aleksei Peresidly who were placed First and Second respectively at the 2003 Confederation Internationale Des Accordeonistes (CIA) 56th Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships hosted by Tibor Rácz - Artistic Director of the Methodical Centre of Accordion "Marta Szokeová" in Slovakia and Panna Grigoncza, President of the Hungarian Accordion Association in Hungary.

Each a master soloist, placing First and Second as fellow contestants at the Coupe Mondiale, the two are also very good friends from childhood, and together, make one of the most outstanding Bayan duos of today!

Both students of Viatcheslav Semionov at the Gnessin Institute in Moscow, the two were born in Surgut, Siberia. Friends and duo partners from childhood, the two have grown to form a duo so tight, that it can be easily seen that the two, while having different personalities, 'think' together.

Paying close attention to the control of their sound, the two are exceptionally artistic and musical. Combined with their superb technique and sometimes mischievous nature, the two form an exciting world class duo.

Their broad range of repertoire allow them to showcase the beautiful tonal qualities inherent in the broad dynamic range of the instrument, their sometimes light hearted nature as well as their expert control, technical virtuosity and musicality. The duo were asked back to the stage for several encores.

To conclude the Opening concert, France's own Jérôme Richard (left) took the stage. Jérôme is undoubtedly one of the most talented virtuoso entertainers of the new Millennium.

A talented performer in both Virtuoso and Classical styles, it the Virtuoso style that keeps Jérôme in demand performing around the world. Jérôme (in addition to Alexander Poeluev) is the only other double CIA competition winner (Coupe Mondiale and Virtuoso Entertainment in separate years). His performance highlighted his flawless and effortless technical ability with his popular and appealing program.

After several solo numbers, Jérôme was joined by guitarist Jeff Rossi featuring his "Jazzy Duo". The "Jazzy Duo" have been invited to appear at next years (2005) ATG festival in the United States.

The Grand Opening Gala Concert concluded with a reception given by the city officials for the visiting Delegates, artists, jury and guests from around the world.

French artist Jérôme Richard with New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA) Delegate Heather Masefield
Jérôme Richard with USA-AAA Delegate Faithe Deffner and CIA Public Relations Manager Harley Jones - Fiji.
CIA President Kevin Friedrich with Russians - 2002 CIA Champion Alexander Poeluev, Alexander's teacher and CIA Music Committee Member Viatcheslav Semionov and the 2003 CIA Champion Nikolay Sivchuk and runner up Aleksei Peresidly, who are also students of Mr. Semionov.
Jérôme Richard with Heather Masefield and
Italian delegate Gianluca Pica.

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