Thursday - October 21, 2004
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004 Competitors in International Competition for Piano Accordion
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Friday, October 22, 2004
Saturday, October 23rd, 2004 2004 Coupe Mondiale Final Results

Round II of the Coupe Mondiale was held today, with 9 of the 12 candidates being taken through to the second round. In Round II candidates were required to perform a complete original work for accordion.

Contestants passing through to the second round were as follows:
  • Mervi KYLLONEN (Finland)
  • Nada KRZNAR (Croatia)
  • Anton TORBEEV (Russia)
  • Xia GONG (China)
  • Rade MIJATOVIC (Serbie & Montengro)
  • Rednik BATALOV (Russia)
  • Tissot SYLVAIN (Switzerland)
  • Evgeny KOCHETOV (Russia)
  • Alexander SELIVANOV (Russia)

This year, five candidates competed in the International Competition for Piano Accordion for the first prize concert tour to New Zealand to appear at the 2005 South Pacific Competition and Festival sponsored by the New Zealand Accordion Association. Contestants were:

  • Nenad ERCEGOVCEVIC (Serbie & Montengro)
  • Filip STAMEVSKI (Macedonia)
  • Mia WILLIAMS (Finland)
  • Zoran KIRJAKOVSKI (Macedonia)
  • Evgeny KOCHETOV (Russia)
Nenad ERCEGOVCEVIC (Serbia & Montengro)
Filip STAMEVSKI (Macedonia)
Mia WILLIAMS (Finland)
Zoran KIRJAKOVSKI (Macedonia)
The First Prize of the CIA International Comeptition for Piano Accordion is:

Concert Tour to New Zealand sponsored by the New Zealand Accrodion Association!
Evgeny KOCHETOV (Russia)

The following candidates in the Junior Coupe Mondiale, passed through to the second round of competition which will be held on Friday.

  • Olatz UGARTE (Spain)
  • Milena STOJANOVIC(Serbie & Montengro)
  • Josip NEMET (Croatia)
  • Grzegorz PALUS (Poland)
  • Mikhail NAUMOV (Russia)
  • Dimitri BOUCLIER (France)
  • Ivan ANTONIC (Serbie & Montengro)
  • Milan VIDOVIC (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Eugeny LISTUNOV (Russia)
  • Elodie SOULARD (France)

The CIA Music Committee held the first of their meetings to discuss items such as the 2005 Test Piece proposals and rules and regulations concerning upcoming Coupe Mondiale competitions

Pictured from left to right are John Leslie, Jacques Mornet, Viatcheslav Semionov, Music Committee Chairperson Frederic Deschamps, Vice Chairperson Joan C. Sommers and Harley Jones.

The Contestants for the 2004 Virtuoso Entertainment Category (Part II)
Jeremy LAFON - France
Benoit CHABOD - France
Sarah BIANCHI - Italy
Lars Pilsgaard HANSEN - Denmark
Aline LACOUR - France
Camille PRIVAT - France
NB. The other five candidates performed Wednesday evening.

Chinese Delegate Chen Jun trying one of the Hohner Fun Accordions during a break at the Coupe Mondiale
Jérôme Richard with
Italian Delegate Gianluca Pica
Macedonian Delegates Zorica and Anica Karakutovska druing a visit to the Absinth factory in Pontarlier
The Mayor of Pontarlier, Mr. Patrick Genre with
CIA President Kevin Friedrich

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