Saturday - October 23, 2004
Welcome to the
2004 Coupe Mondiale in
Pontarlier, FRANCE

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004 Competitors in International Competition for Piano Accordion
Wednesday, October 20, 2004 Competitors in Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Thursday, October 21, 2004 Competitors in Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Friday, October 22, 2004
Saturday, October 23rd, 2004 2004 Coupe Mondiale Final Results

The Final Round of Coupe Mondiale and last competition category of the 57th Coupe Mondiale was held in the morning session. Performing to a capactiy audience, the candidates were required to perform:

  • Own-choice programm consisting of three (3) or more pieces of different styles and characters.
  • Playing time: minimum 20 minutes to maximum 30 minutes.

Candidates passing through to the final round were as follows:

  • Anton TORBEEV - Russia
  • Rednik BATALOV - Russia
  • Xia GONG - China
  • Alexander SELIVANOV - Russia
  • Rade MIJATOVIC - Serbia and Montenegro
  • Evgeny KOCHETOV - Russia

Competitors, Jury, Delegates gathered at the Théâtre Bernard Blier in the Salle Jean Renoir for the presentation of Diplomas and awards. Full results for each category were announced as contestants were brought to the stage.

In addition to the Competition results, several awards were presented from the CIA.

CIA Honored Friend of the Accordion

  • Milan Tomic - Serbia and Montenegro

CIA Merit Award

  • Yvette Horner - France
  • Paul Marchetti - France
  • Jacques Mornet - France (above right)
  • Viatcheslav Semionov - Russia (below right)

CIA President Kevin Friedrich and the Mayor of Pontarlier welcomed the capacity audience in the Salle des Capucins for the final concert of the 2004 Coupe Mondiale.

Each of the International Jury Members were presented with a DVD of the city of Pontarlier as a souvenir of their visit to France, before proceeding with the performances of the top three winners from each category.

After each performance, the candidate was presented with their trophy and prize money, and in addition the winner was presented with a poster picture of themselves that was dontated by the Coupe Mondiale photographer Vincent Barray.

Alexander SELIVANOV from Russia with teacher Vitacheslav Semionov and CIA President Kevin Friedrich receiving the Coupe Mondiale Trophy donated by the NAO.
Home town boy Benoit Chabod from Pontarlier receiving his 3rd prize trophy for the International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music.
Coupe Mondiale Winner Evgeny LISTUNOV from Russia receiving his portrait donated by Coupe Mondiale photographer Vincent Barray
CIA Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships
1st - Alexander SELIVANOV
2nd - Rade MIJATOVIC
Serbia and Montenegro
3rd - Evgeny KOCHETOV
CIA Junior Coupe Mondiale
1st - Evgeny LISTUNOV
2nd - Mikhail NAUMOV
3rd - Ivan ANTONIC
Serbia & Montenegro
CIA International Competition for Piano Accordion
1st - Evgeny KOCHETOV
Serbia & Montenegro
CIA International Comeptition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
1st - Phil BOUVIER
2nd - Camille PRIVAT
3rd - Benoit CHABOD
CIA Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
1st - Guy GIULIANO
2nd - Julien GONZALES
3rd - Isabelle GUERIN
CIA International Comeptition for Chamber Music

- No entries in 2004


A grand tradition in France, the 57th Coupe Mondiale International Competition for Accoridonists finished with a Grand Bal Musette with Jerome Richard and his International Orchestra.

It was attended by hundreds of people who danced the night away until 3:30 in the morning.

Jerome makes his living from performing all over France.

Jérôme Richard Bus outside the Grand Bal Musette
Joan Sommers and Graham Laurie from Scotland ready to head off to the Grand Bal Musette
The spectacular Chateau du Joux
located just 2 minutes from downtown Pontarlier

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