International Chamber Music Competition
First Prize: € 500.00
Second Prize: € 350.00
Third Prize: € 250.00

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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004 2004 Coupe Mondiale Final Results
Contestants - International Chamber Music Competition, 2004
Zsolt DELI (accordion)
Péter ÁCS (contrabass)
István KEREK (violin)
Albert MAYER (guitar)


(withdrawn from competition)
Táncok (Dances) by Gábor Kerek
Romanian Folk Dances by Bartók arr. by Quartett Escualo
Anastasia MOZGOVA (bayan)
Elisaveta TRUBINA (violin)
Michail KOLOMITSEV (Balalaika-bass)


(withdrawn from competition)
In Imitation of Albenitz by R. Schedrin
Davluri (Georgian dance) by N. Narimanidze
Tanguedia by Astor Piazzolla
Verano Porteno by Astor Piazzola
Paraphrase on 'Moscow Coachman 9' by Derbenko/Beliaev
Collage on a Turkish March Theme by E. Derbenko
Program Requirements
  • For accordion and up to four (4) other instruments (ie., woodwind, brass, string instruments, percussion, piano. Not for accordion duet/trio/quartet or quintet.)
  • Chamber Music competition is designed for Classical Music only (not Folk.)
  • Own choice program consisting of at least two (2) pieces including one (1) transcription/arrangement and one (1) original piece of different style and character.
  • Accordion candidate must provide own instruments and players for other musicians (except piano.)
  • Playing time: maximum 20 minutes. Failure to observe the maximum playing time will result in a mark penalty by the jury.
  • Marking will take into consideration program choice, level of playing and ensemble work.
  • Accordion part must play at least an equal role to other one or two instrumentalists (ie: not accompianment.)

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