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'Impasse' by Franck Angelis

The 2004 Coupe Mondiale (Senior) is the only category with a required Test Piece. The candidate must choose any TWO (2) Movements.

'Impasse' by Franck Angelis

Click on each page below for a larger sample of each movement.

I - Allegro Ritmico
II - Andante Doloroso
III - Adagio Sostenuto
IV - Vivace Finale
Ordering the Test Piece

This year, we are pleased to offer you the option of having the Test Piece sent directly to your e-mail address.

When purchasing the Test Piece, you will be asked to select from the following delivery and payment options:

Delivery Options:

  • Have the Test Piece e-mailed directly to your e-mail address in .pdf format
  • Have the Test Piece mailed by regular mail to your personal address

Payment Options:

  • Pay by credit card with secure on-line payment form
  • Pay by Bank Transfer/International Bank Check in Euro to the CIA Bank Account

To Order your copy of the 2004 Test Piece:

(1) Please provide your contact information
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Even if ordering the Test Piece to be sent by regular mail, please supply an e-mail address in case we have any questions concerning your mailing address and order.
(2) Please choose How You would like to receive the Test Piece
Test Piece sent to my e-mail address, paying with credit card (10 Euro)
Test Piece sent by regular mail, paying with credit card (15 Euro)
Test Piece sent by regular mail, wiring money to CIA Bank Account (25 Euro)
(3) Please Submit Information
Please submit your information by clicking the "SUBMIT REQUEST" button below. You will be taken to a new page where you can make your payment.


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