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Welcome to the 59th Coupe Mondiale in Asker, Norway
- CIA 59th Coupe Mondiale Bulletin Board -

Please check back for important messages and information and latest Train/Bus Schedules!

Train Schedule from Oslo Main Airport (Gardermoen) to Asker (Approx. 48 minutes travel time)
Oslo Airport (Gardermoen)Oslo Central Station Arrive Asker, Norway
5:36 am (First departure)5:58 am6:24 am
:56 (minutes past the hour) :18 (minutes past the hour) :44 (minutes past the hour)
:16 :38 :04
:36 :58:24
00:36 (Last Departure)00:5801:24 am

Please Note: The train to Oslo Central Station departs every 10 minutes. Only every second train (every 20 minutes) continues all the way to Asker.

Train Schedule from Asker to Oslo Main Airport (Gardermoen) (Approx. 48 minutes travel time)
depart Asker, NorwayOslo Central Station Arrive Oslo Airport (Gardermoen)
4:18 am (First departure)4:45 am5:07 am
:38 (minutes past the hour) :05 (minutes past the hour) :27 (minutes past the hour)
23:38 (Last Departure)00:0500:27 am
Bus Schedule from Torp Airport to Asker (Note: bus departs 30 minutes after arrival of flights)
Flight Arriving from Leave Oslo Torp AirportArrive Asker, Norway
Frankfurt at 9:00 am9:30 am10:48 am
London at 9:25 am9:55 am11:13 am
Milano at 12:20 pm12:50 pm14:08pm
Newcastle at 13:05 pm13:35 pm14:53 pm
London at 13:45 pm14:15 pm 15:33 pm
Glasgow at 14:55 pm15:25 pm 16:43 pm
Liverpool at 16:25 pm16:55 pm18:13 pm
London at 21:45 pm22:15 pm 23:33 pm
Bus Schedule from Asker to Torp Airport (Note: bus departs approx. 3 hours prior to departure of flights)
Flight Departing forLeave AskerArrive Oslo Torp Airport
Newcastle at 9:25 am6:25 am7:45 am
London at 9:50 am6:50 am8:10 am
Milano at 12:45 pm9:40 am11:00 am
Frankfurt at 13:30 pm10:35 am11:55 am
London at 14:10 pm10: 35 am11:55 am
Glasgow at 15:20 pm12:15 pm 13:35 pm
Liverpool at 16:50 pm13:50 pm15:10 pm
London at 22:10 pm19:15 pm 20:35 pm
Free Internet in Hotel Lobby and Guest Rooms for all Contestants, Jury and Delegates
All Contestants, International Jury and Delegates will have complimentary access to the Internet at the Hotel Scandic.

Guest may access a public computer in the Lobby of the Scandic Asker Hotel. In addition, each of the guest rooms offers complimentary High Speed Internet access for guests with their own computers.

To access the internet in the hotel rooms, Hotel guests should contact the Hotel reception to receive their complimentary access code.
CIA Competition Venues in Asker
The six categories of the 2006 Coupe Mondiale will be held in the center of Asker at the new Asker Kulturhus. Completed in November 2005, this beautiful new facility contains two Concert Halls, a Movie Center and Library.
Asker Kulturhus
Small Concert Hall in the Asker Kulturhus
Large Concert Hall in the Asker Kulturhus
Large Concert Hall in the Asker Kulturhus

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