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Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
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Coupe Mondiale Jury Junior Coupe Mondiale
Tuesday, October 17, 2006 International Competition for Piano Accordion
Wednesday, October 18, 2006 Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Thursday, October 19, 2006 Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Friday, October 20, 2006
Saturday, October 21, 2006 2006 Coupe Mondiale Final Results
Welcome Dinner for Committee Members and Guests
Members of the Executive Committee, Music Committee and Guests were invited to Coupe Mondiale Organizers Lars Arnevig's home for a welcome dinner on Monday evening. Guests were delighted to have the opportunity to experience an evening in a Norwegian home, as often attending such festivals, activities are usually centered in the competition venue and hotel locations. This was a rare treat to get a glimpse into the home life of the Norwegian style living.
Guests Enjoying the Norwegian Hospitality
Table Decoration
Guests were treated to the recording of Vitacheslav Semionov's newest work "The Nothern Lights".
Group photograph of the Dinner Guests
at the home of Lars Arnevig
CIA Music Committee Meeting (Monday, 16th October)

Members of the CIA Music Committee met on Monday afternoon to discuss matters pertaining to the annual Coupe Mondiale competitions. A new system of evaluating judges marking was instituted by member Jacques Mornet, called the GIEM System. The GIEM graphs log a judges marks compared to the average mark which is useful in evaluating the work of the jury in the various categories. The system was used to illustrate the results from the 2005 Coupe Mondiale in Castelo Branco, and will be used again this year.

The Music Committee selected the work "Fantasy, Op. 67" by Karen Fremar as the Test Piece for the 60th Anniversary Coupe Mondiale in the United States in August of 2007.

The rules and guidelines for the International Competition for Piano Accordion were adjusted slightly with full details being announced in coming days.

CIA Executive Committee Meeting
Members of the CIA Executive Committee held their annual meeting prior to the 116th General Assembly of Delegates. The Executive Committee works on recommendations to bring to the General Assembly that pertain the governing of the organization.

Current members of the CIA Executive Committee include from left to right: President - Kevin Friedrich (USA), Secretary General/Treasurer - Walter Maurer (Austria), Vice President - Raymond Bodell (United Kingdom), Public Relations Manager - Harley Jones (Fiji), Vice President - Kimmo Mattila (Finland), Vice President - Tibor Racz (Slovakia) and Chairman of the Music Committee - Frederic Deschamps (France).
116th General Assembly

Executive Committee Music Committee
USA - Kevin FRIEDRICH France - Frederic DESCHAMPS
United Kingdom - Raymond BODELL USA-ATG - Joan SOMMERS
Finland - Kimmo MATTILA Russia - Viatcheslav SEMIONOV
Slovakia - Tibor RACZ France - Jacques MORNET
Austria - Walter MAURER United Kingdom - John LESLIE
Fiji - Harley JONES Fiji - Harley JONES
France - Frederic DESCHAMPS France - Max BONNAY - Absent

Delegates in Attendance    
Australia-ASA - Elizabeth JONES Spain - Inaki ALBERDI
Australia-ASA - June JONES Sweden - Jörgen SUNDEQVIST
Australia-ASA - Alan JONES United Kingdom - Graham LAURIE
Australia-ASA - Simon WISEMAN United Kingdom - Pauline NOON
Austria - Herbert SCHEIBENREIF United Kingdom - Anna BODELL
Austria - Weiner WEIBERT United Kingdom - Gina BRANNELLI
Croatia - Vjera ODAK-JEMBRIH USA (AAA) - Linda Soley REED
Croatia - Tatjana LAUIC    
Denmark - Peter ANDERS USA (AAA) - Faithe DEFFNER
Finland - Minna PLIHTARI USA (AFNA) - Sylvia PRIOR
Finland - Sirpa SIPPOLA Guests in Attendance
Germany - Gunther ZEILINGER Belarus - Iryna KHAMENTOUSKAYA
Italy - Gianluca PICA Bosnia & Herzegovina - Nada VJESTICA
Netherlands - Ron Van OVERBRUGGEN Germany - Andreas NEBL
Netherlands - Leendert HOFFMAN Italy - Renzo RUGGIERO
New Zealand - Heather MASEFIELD Russia - Alexander DMITRIEV
New Zealand - Amber MASEFIELD Russia - Aleksey AKSENOV
New Zealand - Carol YAN Russia - Oleg SHAROV
Norway - Lars ARNEVIG Serbia & Montenegro - Vojin VASOVIC
Norway - Kjell OLSEN Serbia & Montenegro - Miljan BJELETIC
Portugal - Paulo Jorge FERREIRA Serbia & Montenegro - Aleksandar NIKOLIC
Portugal - Carlos SEMEDO Serbia & Montenegro - Snezana VLASTIC

Appologies for Non-Attendance    
Vietnam - Dr. Lu Quang MINH Australia-AATA - Tania LUKIC-MARX
Switzerland - Peter FREY Macedonia - Zorica KARAKUTOVSKA
Poland - Bodgan DOWLACZ USA - Maddalena BELFIORE
Lithuania - Ricardas SVIACKEVICIUS    
Members of the CIA Executive Committee Walter Maurer,
Kevin Friedrich, Raymond Bodell, Frederic Deschamps and Harley Jones
Delegates attending the 116th General Assembly in Asker, Norway
Delegates Gunther Zeilinger (Germany-DHV)
and Elizabeth Jones (Australia-ASA)
Delegates Peter Anders (Denmark-DHL)
and Inaki Alberdi (Spain-HAUSPOZ)
Members of the Congress applauding Secretary General Walter Maurer for all the work he has done for the CIA over the course of 35 years. Mr. Maurer is retiring from his position at the end of this Congress.
Delegates from the Netherlands Mr. Ron Van Overbruggen and Leendert Hoffman (Netherlands-NOVAM)
Amber Masefield (New Zealand-NZAA) and CIA Vice President Raymond Bodell (UK-NAO) correlating some of the paperwork prior to the Congress.
President of the Norwegian Accordion Association
Mr. Kjell R. Olsen.
Draw for Playing Order
Candidates in the 2006 Coupe Mondiale making their draw for playing order
CIA organizers coordinating the draw for playing order
Gunther Zeilinger, Joan C. Sommers & Heather Masefield
Mayor's Welcome and Reception for CIA Delegates and Candidates
Mayor of Asker Mr. Morton Strand
and CIA President Kevin Friedrich
NTL President Mr. Lars Olsen, Mayor of Asker Mr. Morton Strand and CIA President Kevin Friedrich
Mayor of Asker - Mr. Morton Strand
Entertainment at the CIA Mayor's Reception
Kimmo Mattila (Finland) Tatiana Laic (Croatia) and Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria)
Alexander Dmitriew (Russia), Graham Laurie (2008 Coupe Mondiale Organizer - UK) and Mirco Patarini (Italy)
Renzo Ruggiero (Italy) and student
Team Italy at the Mayor's Reception
Team France at the Mayor's Reception
Delegates from the Swedish, Danish
and Norwegian Accordion Associations

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