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Welcome to the 58th Coupe Mondiale
Castelo Branco, Portugal

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Welcome to the 58th Coupe Mondiale
in Castelo Branco

Please check back for
important messages and information!

Latest Weather Forecast for Castelo Branco
Monday, October 24 - 2005, 9:30 AM from Hotel Tryp Colina do Castelo (Mélia).

Sunday, October 23 - 2005, 9:30 AM from Hotel Tryp Colina do Castelo (Mélia).

Saturday, October 22 - 2005, 7:00 PM from Hotel Tryp Colina do Castelo (Mélia)

From the 25th October until the 30th October, 2005
Weather: Partly Cloudy, some rain likely
Tempreature Celsius: 10º C minimum - 20º C maximum
Tempreature Fahrenheit: 50º F minimum - 68º F maximum
Sample Bus Schedule from Lisbon to Castelo Branco

Buses depart for Castelo Branco from the 'Sete Rios' Bus station. It is best to take a taxi from Lisbon airport to the Sete Rios Bus station. The Taxi ride is about 5-10 minutes from the airport, and the Taxi costs around 15 €.

Once at the station, there is a ticket counter at the far end, and also a cafe and waiting area. The Bus to Castelo Branco is marked on the Platform information screens. The driver may ask to load your bags first, as Castelo Branco is the last stop, and this makes it easier for him to get other bags out along the way.

Once in Castelo Branco, there is a Taxi stand accross the street from the Bus station. It costs approximately 6 € from the Bus Station to the Hotel Tryp Colina do Castelo (Mélia).

LISBON to CASTELO BRANCO (229 kms) Price: 10.00 €

To Castelo Branco:
Lisbon 08h00 - Castelo Branco 10h30 (Except Sundays)
Lisbon 09h50 - Castelo Branco 12h20
Lisbon 13h00 - Castelo Branco 16h35 (Except Sundays)
Lisbon 16h30 - Castelo Branco 19h05
Lisbon 19h00 - Castelo Branco 22h35

To Lisbon:
Castelo Branco 8h00 - Lisbon 11h45
Castelo Branco 13h00 - Lisbon 16h45
Castelo Branco 18h35 - Lisbon 21h10 (Except Saturdays)

For more information please visit:

Sample Train Schedule from Lisbon to Castelo Branco
If you arriving at Lisbon airport, the best train station is 'Oriente' (only a 5 minute taxi ride from the airport).


To Castelo Branco:
Trains (intercity)
Lisbon (St. Apolónia) 7h12 - Lisbon (Oriente) 7h20 - Castelo Branco 10h06
Lisbon (St. Apolónia) 19h08 - Lisbon (Oriente) 19h18 - Castelo Branco 22h06

To Lisbon:
Castelo Branco 8h37 - Lisbon 11h35
Castelo Branco 16h43 - Lisbon 19h35

For more information and diferent types of trains:
Free Internet 'Cyber Centro' for all Contestants, Jury and Delegates
All Contestants, International Jury and Delegates will be offered the complimentary use of the Internet at the Castelo Branco 'Cyber Centro' during their stay in Castelo Branco.

At registration for the Coupe Mondiale, attendees will receive a guest card which they will present to the reception at the Cyber Centro. This will allow complimentary use of one of the many Internet terminals at the Cyber Centro which is conveniently located in the center of Castelo Branco.

We sincerely thank the hosts of the 2005 Coupe Mondiale for arranging this valuable service to keep our visitors in touch with their family and friends around the world, while attending the Coupe Mondiale.
CIA Competition Venues in Castelo Branco
The six categories of the 2005 Coupe Mondiale will be held in the Governo Civil de Castelo Branco and the Cine-Teatro Avenida. Located in the city center, just a short walk accross the main square from each other, each venue offers warm up practice facilities for the contestants.

Categories scheduled to be held in the 'Governo Civil de Castelo Branco'

  • CIA Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships
  • CIA International Competition for Chamber Music

The Governo Civil de Castelo Branco Building (below) is a regal building located in the City Center in the shadow of the remnants of the Castelo Branco Castel perched on top of the hill.

The Concert Hall located in the Governo Civil de Castelo Branco Building features tall ceilings and warm Church like acoustics.

Categories Scheduled to be held in the 'Cine-Teatro Avenida'

  • CIA Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
  • CIA Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
  • CIA International Competition for Piano Accordion
  • CIA Junior Coupe Mondiale

The Cine-Teatro Avenida (below) is a state of the art modern Concert Hall also located in the City Center.


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