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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 Competitors in International Competition for Piano Accordion
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Saturday, October 29, 20052005 Coupe Mondiale Final Results

Delegates from CIA Member Nations and Guests registered for the 114th General Assembly. The Frist General Assembly was for Voting and Corresponding Members, and the final session to be held on Saturday will be an open meeting to include guests. Registered particpants included:

  • EC - CIA Executive Committee
  • MC - CIA Music Committee
  • D - CIA Delegate
  • G - CIA Guest
USA - Kevin FRIEDRICH (EC)Italy - Gianluca PICA (D)
United Kingdom - Raymond BODELL (EC)Portugal - Paulo Jorge FERREIRA (D)
Finland - Kimmo MATTILA (EC)Portugal - Carlos SEMEDO (D)
Slovakia - Tibor RACZ (EC)Switzerland - Daniel DOEBELI (D)
Austria - Walter MAURER (EC)Switzerland - Peter FREY (D)
Fiji - Harley JONES (EC)Macedonia - Ilievska ELIZABETA (D)
France - Frederic DESCHAMPS (EC)Austria - Herbert SCHEIBENREIF (D)
USA-ATG - Joan SOMMERS (MC)United Kingdom - Brian LAURIE (D)
Russia - Viatcheslav SEMIONOV (MC)Sweden - Jörgen SUNDEQVIST (D)
France - Jacques MORNET (MC)Estonia - Tiit KALLUSTE (D)
United Kingdom - John LESLIE (MC)Estonia - Häli LÄÄNE (D)
Norway - Lars ARNEVIG (D)Finland - Johanna JOKIPII (D)
Norway - Kjell OLSEN (D)Finland - Sirpa SIPPOLA (D)
Norway - Christin ØRA (D)Macedonia - Mldenovska BILJANA (D)
Macedonia - Zorica KARAKUTOVSKA (D)Estonia - Tiina VÄLJA (G)
China - Li CONG (D)Bosnia & Herzegovina - Nada VJESTICA (G)
USA-ATG - Karen FREMAR (D)Serbia & Montenegro - Vojin VASOVIC (G)
USA-AAA - Faithe DEFFNER (D)Russia - Alexander DMITRIEV (G)
USA-AAA - Maddalena BELFIORE (D)Spain - Angel Luis CASTANO (G)
USA-AAA - Dr. Carmelo PINO (D)Germany - Andreas NEBL (G)
Macedonia - Anica KARAKUTOVSKA (D)Serbia & Montenegro - Zoran RAKIC (G)
Finland - Minna PLIHTARI (D)Serbia & Montenegro - Dragan KASIC (G)
Finland - Mika VÄYRYNEN (D)Serbia & Montenegro - Vladimir MANDIC (G)
New Zealand - Heather MASEFIELD (D)Serbia & Montenegro - Predrag KOSTOVIC (G)
Denmark - Peter ANDERS (D)Serbia & Montenegro - Stfanija SOLDATOVIC (G)
Spain - Aitor Furundarena USABIAGA (D)Serbia & Montenegro - Miljan BJELETIC (G)
Croatia - Vjera ODAK-JEMBRIH (D)  
United Kingdom - Graham LAURIE (D)  
 Appologies for Non-Attendance  
Vietnam - Dr. Lu Quang MINHAustralia-AATA - Tania LUKIC-MARX
Germany - Arnold KUTZLIFrance - Lydie KOTALA
During the General Assembly, the delegates welcomed to their ranks the Sveriges Dragspelares Riksförbund (Swedish Accordion Association - Åke Hellman - President) who were accepted as a new voting member.

The General Assembly included reports from the President, the news of the IMC Meeting in Los Angeles, the CIA Archive collection in Finland, work of the Executive Committee, work of the Music Committee, nominations for the various CIA Awards as well as the Presentation of the 2005 CIA International News Magazine.

During the Presidents report, he acknowledged that it was extremely encouraging to see that many of the CIA family members have continued their strong support for the organization over many years. The President himself had competed in the Coupe Mondiale in 1979, 80 and 81, and after serving as a member of the Music Committee and Vice President for several years, has served as the CIA President for the last 4 years making a total of more than 25 years affiliation with the CIA.

Of the current CIA administration - Professor Walter Maurer has given 30 years of his life to the CIA by serving as Propaganda Officer, Secretary General & Treasurer since 1975. Harley Jones competed in the Coupe Mondiale in 1969 in New York City and today he serves as the Public Relations Manager and a member of the Music Committee. Raymond Bodell competed in the 1980's and now serves as a CIA Vice President, and our Chairperson of the Music Committee Frederic Deschamps won the Coupe Mondiale in 1992. (The Executive Comittee is pictured left, Harley Jones, Frederic Deschamps, Kevin Friedrich, Tibor Racz, Kimmo MAttila, Walter Maurer and Ray Bodell.)

It was 50 years ago that Joan Sommers took the stage at the Coupe Mondiale as the first contestant for the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG) from the United States. Today she serves as the Vice Chairperson of the Music Committee, a committee of which she has also served as Chairperson. Member of the Music Committee and long serving delegate John Leslie has been supporting the CIA for 32 years while Jacques Mornet and Viatcheslav Semionov have served as Music Committee members and officers for many years, as well as each training many Coupe Mondiale winners. Max Bonnay the 1979 Coupe Mondiale winner has served many years on the Music Committee while Vice Presidents Kimmo Mattlia and Tibor Racz have served as long time delegates and organised many CIA events in their respective countries. (Members of the Music Committee are pictured above right. Ray Bodell (Secretary of the MC), Jacques Mornet, Frederic Deschamps, John Leslie, Viatcheslav Semionov, Joan C. Sommers and Harley Jones.)

Among the distinguished delegates, Maddalena Belfiore from the USA served as a CIA Vice President for 16 years while Faithe Deffner has attended CIA General Assemblies for more than 30 years. Dr. Carmelo Pino from the USA composed the 1969 Coupe Mondiale Test Piece Suite for Accordion and Karen Fremar also from the USA composed the 1981 Test Piece - Reflections.

Many other of the delegates in attendance had serving their countries as delegates and jury members have competed in and even won the Coupe Mondiale competitions, or supported our organization by hosting events and sending competitors to the Coupe Mondiale.

These impressive statistics show that members shared a common passion for both the accordion and the CIA, a bond brings them together.

Members of the Music Committee recommended the new work by Norwegian Composer Wolfgang Plagge entitled Fractals, Op 142 as the Test Piece for the 2006 Coupe Mondiale which is being held in Asker, Norway (near Oslo.) The Test Piece will be available on this site very soon.

During the Meeting, the General Assembly re-elected Kevin Friedrich as CIA President for the term 2005-2009. Elections for fellow officers will be conducted at the 116th General Assembly in Norway.

Contestants gathered at the Cine Teatro to make the draw for playing order for their various Coupe Mondiale Categories.

Young contestants from as far away as Australia and New Zealand as well as throughout Europe have travelled to Castelo Branco to compete during the weeklong 58th Coupe Mondiale.
The Conservatorio Regional de Castelo Branco hosted a Gala 70th Anniversary Banquet in a magnificant Marquee Tent located in the center of the city. With see through arch windows, guests could enjoy the view to the Square and the Castel on the hill.

The President of the Local Council - Mr. Joquin Morão (pictured below with CIA Organizer Carlos Semedo - left, and CIA President Kevin Friedrich - right) as well as a representitive of the Civil Governors Office were among the almost 100 guests attending the Banquet.

President's Speech:

As the President of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) it is a great pleasure to welcome you here to this special evening celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the CIA. This banquet is graciously hosted by one of our newer CIA members, the Conservatorio Regional here in Castelo Branco.

This milestone in our history, is a perfect opportunity to commemorate the past as well as celebrate the future! It seems appropriate therefore, that we celebrate such new beginnings by hosting our first ever Coupe Mondiale in Portugal, while at the same time commemorating the rich history of our organization.

In 1935 three countries got together with the goal of forming an alliance to promote the accordion. Today, 70 years later, members from those three founding countries France, Switzerland and Germany are joined by 27 others, to make up what we know today as the CIA.

We thank you, our national members for your ongoing commitment and work in promoting the accordion both in your home countries and here with your fellow organizations on an international level.

We are very happy to welcome all of our delegates, artists and guests from around the world, who have joined us here in Castelo Branco for this week of competitions, concerts and meetings.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize some of our special guests this evening at our Banquet.

Many of you here today serving your countries as delegates and jury members have competed in and even won the Coupe Mondiale competitions, or supported our organization by hosting events and sending competitors to the Coupe Mondiale, or you have been recognized by our organization for your outstanding contributions to the International Accordion Movement.

From our current membership, we are happy to welcome delegates from our member organizations, including representatives from the following CIA members:

  • Austria - Harmonikaverband Österreichs (HVÖ)
  • Denmark - Danske Harmonikaspilleres Landsforbund (DHL
  • Croatia - Hrvatsko Društvo Harmonikaških Pedagoga (HDHP)
  • Estonia - Eesti Akordioniliit (EAL)
  • France - Confédération Nationale Française de L'Accordéon (CNFA)
  • Finland - Suomen Harmonikkaliitto (SHL)
  • Italy - Accordion Professional Music Center (APM)
  • Netherlands - Nederlandse Organisatie/Accordeon & Moundharmonica (NOVAM)
  • New Zealand - New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA)
  • Norway - Norske Trekkspilleres Landsforbund (NTL)
  • Portugal - Conservatorio Regional de Castelo Branco
  • Slovakia - Methodical Centre of Accordion "Marta Szokeová" (MCA)
  • Spain - Hauspoz Euskal Herriko Akordeoi Elkartea (HAUSPOZ)
  • Sweden - Sveriges Dragspelares Riksförbund
  • Switzerland - Eidg. Harmonika und Akkordeonmusikverband (EHAMV)
  • United Kingdom - National Accordion Organization/United Kingdom (NAO)
  • USA - American Accordionists' Association (AAA)
  • USA - Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG)
  • China - Chinese Accordion Association
  • Macedonia - Ljubiteli na Klasicnata Muzika in Skopje

Former and Long Serving Officers:

  • Walter Maurer - 30 years, Public Relations Manager, General Sec. Treasurer
  • Maddalena Belfiore - 16 years CIA VP President 1974-1990

CIA Champions:

  • Alexander Selivanov - Russia, Coupe Mondiale Champion - 2004
  • Mika Vayrynen, Finland, Coupe Mondiale Champion - 1989
  • Angel Luis Castano, Spain, Coupe Mondiale Champion - 1990
  • Frederic Deschamps, France, Coupe Mondiale Champion -1992
  • Karen Fremar, USA - Virtuoso Entertainment Champion - 1974
  • Joao Carlos Frade, Portugal - Virtuoso Entertainment Champion - 2002
  • Rade Mijatovic, Serbia - Junior Coupe Mondiale Champion - 2002
  • Anton Torbeev, Russia - Junior Coupe Mondiale Champion- 2003
  • Jeremy Lafon, France - Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Champion - 2002
  • Guy Guiliano, France - Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Champion - 2004

CIA Merit Award Recipients

  • Walter Maurer - Merit Award 1971
  • Maddalena Befiore - Merit Award 1994
  • Joan C Sommers - Merit Award 1995
  • Faithe Deffner - Merit Award 2000, Delegate for over 30 years
  • UMKC Accordion Orchestra (Joan C. Sommers, Director) - Merit Award 2001
  • Jacques Mornet - Merit Award 2003
  • Viatcheslav Semionov - Merit Award 2004
  • Ulrich Schmulling - Merit Award 2005
  • Peter Anders - Merit Award 2005

CIA Test Piece Composers:

  • Dr. Carmelo Pino, Composer 1969 TP Suite for Accordion
  • Karen Fremar, USA, Composer of 1981 TP Reflections
  • Carlos Marecos Portugal, Composer of 2005 TP O Medo do Ritmo

Future CIA Hosts:

  • 2006 - Norway: Mr. Kjell Olsen, Lars Arnevig, Christin Øra
  • 2007 - USA (ATG and AAA): Maddalena Belfiore, Carmelo Pino, Faithe Deffner
    and Joan C. Sommers
  • 2008 - United Kingdom: Graham Laurie, Brian Laurie and Ray Bodell
  • 2009 - New Zealand: Harley Jones, Heather Masefield
  • 2010 - Croatia: Vjera Odak Jembrih
  • 2011 - France: Frederic Deschamps
  • 2012 - Finland: Kimmo Mattila

We offer our sincerest thanks to the President of the Local Council - Mr. Joquin Morão and city officials for opening the doors to Castelo Branco to us, and making us so welcome during this exciting anniversary year. We are very happy to be here, and we are very proud of the work Portugal is doing to promote and elevate the status of the accordion both here and abroad. We also thank renowned Portuguese composer Mr. Carlos Marecos for writing the 2005 Test Piece 'O Medo Do Ritmo'. This work will be an important and valuable new addition to our accordion repertoire.

I would also like to thank our Honorary Vice President - Mr. Paulo Ferreira and in particular our 2005 Coupe Mondiale Organizer - Mr. Carlos Semedo and their teams for all the work they have done in preparing this outstanding International Festival.

May I ask you to stand, and raise your glasses, as I make a toast to the CIA. Under the auspicies of the CIA, may the international cooperation between our fellow member organizations, those who are passionate about the accordion and promoting its continued success, serve to elevate the status of the accordion and strive to promote its place in the international music world for generations to come.

The President of the Local Council Mr. Morão welcomed the International Delegates and Guests to Castelo Branco and wished them a most success festival. Pictured are Coupe Mondiale organizer Carlos Semedo and CIA President Kevin Friedrich.

2008 Organizers Brian and Graham Laurie (Scotland) and 2010 Organizer Vjera Odak-Jembrih
Guests enjoying the 70th Anniversary Banquet
Guests enjoying the 70th Anniversary Banquet
The Gala Opening Concert took place in the Cine Teatro and attracted a nearly full house. The Opening artists were an accordion and piano duo comprising Gonçalo Pescada and Natália Ryabova (pictured left.)

Next was the 2004 CIA Coupe Mondiale Chammpion Alexander Selivanov from Russia. Alexander (pictured below) is a student of Mr. Viatcheslav Semionov in Moscow.

The Second half of the concert belonged to the 2002 CIA Virtuoso Entertainment Champion from Portugal João Frade and his Trio.

The Trio entertained with not only outstanding music, but also with outstanding theatrics, as each of the musicians changed to play each others instruments. The received two standing ovations and were called back to the stage for an encore.
João on Drums
João Frade
João with fellow musicians

João Frade Trio

President Dr. Hans Buscher, Germany
1938 - Paris, FRANCE
Freddy BALTA, France
1948 - Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
Yvette HORNER, France
1949 - Spa, BELGIUM
Gilbert ROUSSEL, France
1950 - Milan, ITALY
David ANZAGHI, Italy
1951 - Paris, FRANCE
Maurice VITTENET, France
1952 - Scheveningen, HOLLAND
David ANZAGHI, Italy
1953 - Copenhagen, DENMARK
Andre ARIX, Belgium
1954 - Stuttgart, GERMANY
Fritz DOBLER, Germany
1955 - Brighton, ENGLAND
Kurt HEUSSER, Switzerland
1956 - Bienne, SWITZERLAND
1957 - Saarbrucken, GERMANY

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