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Welcome to the 58th Coupe Mondiale
in Castelo Branco, PORTUGAL

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Welcome to the 58th Coupe Mondiale in Castelo Branco, Portugal
The Conservatorio Regional de Castelo Branco (founded 1974) and the City of Castelo Branco, Portugal will host the 58th COUPE MONDIALE from October 25-30, 2005.

The Coupe Mondiale is an INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR ACCORDIONISTS held under the auspicies of the Confédération International des Accordéonistes (CIA) founded in 1935 in Paris, France. The Confédération International des Accordéonistes (CIA) is a member of the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COUNCIL (IMC-UNESCO).
1. General Conditions for All Categories
GENERAL: The INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR ACCORDION SOLOISTS 2005 (COUPE MONDIALE) is open to accordionists of all nationalities who comply with the rules. Competition is offered for accordionists in any of the six categories listed below:

1) Coupe Mondiale
2) Junior Coupe Mondiale
3) International Piano Accordion Competition
4) Virtuoso Entertainment Music Competition
5) Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Music Competition
6) International Chamber Music Competition

a. Candidates must be entered through the CIA voting member organization(s) in their respective countries. If a candidate is from a country where there is no CIA voting member organization, prospective candidates are requested to apply directly to the CIA, subject to acceptance, until such time as a voting member entity is established in that country.

b. All entries are subject to acceptance by the CIA Executive Committee. In the case of non-acceptance, the applicant and/or the sponsoring member association will be advised in writing of the reason(s) the entry was refused.

c. When registering at the event, the candidate must present to the organizers an official birth certificate and valid passport(s) or identity card, bearing his or her name, age and nationality. The organizers will determine the candidate's nationality based upon his or her passport(s).

d. No applicant may be refused entry for religious, political or racial reasons. Non-payment of fees by the entrant and/or the sponsoring member organization may constitute reason for non-acceptance of an entry. Suitable ability and compliance with the rules of the competition are required for final acceptance.

e. Candidates must read the CIA Coupe Mondiale Guidelines and Modus Operandi to familiarize themselves with operational procedures for the Coupe Mondiale, including Section 6 outlining the Duties of the Candidates.

2. On-line Entry Forms

a. On-line Entry Forms: This year, you will be required to enter on-line. You will find a link from your Coupe Mondiale category to the on-line entry form.
3. Entry Fees
Entry Fees for Candidates entered by CIA Voting Member Organizations,

1) Coupe Mondiale - EURO 65.00
2) Junior Coupe Mondiale - EURO 45.00
3) International Piano Accordion Competition - EURO 65.00
4) Virtuoso Entertainment Music Competition - EURO 65.00
5) Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Music Competition - EURO 45.00
6) International Chamber Music Competition - EURO 65.00

The entry form and the entry fee are one unit. The entry fee must be paid at same time as the entry form is submitted online from this site or mailed. The entry fee should be paid by credit card on this site or by bank transfer to:

Bank Account: BANK AUSTRIA No. 662-024-900
IBAN: AT96 1200 0006 6202 4900

Address: Bank Austria
Kardinal-Nagl-Platz 2
1030 Vienna

with EURO only or the entry fee must be to the CIA Secretariat in the form of an International bank-cheque payable in EURO. Those remitting money to the CIA Secretariat must add bankcosts of EURO 10,00 for each entry fee. (eg., Total: SENIORS: EURO 70,00 - JUNIORS: EURO 50,00). Entry Fees paid to the CIA bank account must be received no later than 14 days after the entry deadline.

Only candidates from countries without a compatible currency are allowed to pay the entry fee upon arrival at the Coupe Mondiale. This entry fee should be paid to the CIA Treasurer upon registration. Non-paying candidates are not allowed to compete.
4. Acceptence of Regulations
A candidate's entry implies acceptance of regulations, the system of judging and the jury's decision as being final. Entered candidates not arriving or competing without apology will be excluded from subsequent Coupe Mondiales.
5. Music For Judges
a) Each candidate must provide at the competition three (3) published copies of his/her Own Choice Music for the Jury. If the piece is published, published copies must be used. If unpublished, then manuscript copies are acceptable. (Note: No music is required for the adjudicators in the Virtuoso Entertainment Categories both the Senior and Junior.)

b) The copies of each piece are to be tied together in a single bundle, each copy clearly labeled with the name and the country of the candidate and handed over to the competition office after arrival.
6. Instruments
There are no restrictions as to make, size or type of accordions used by the candidates, but electronic attachments may not be employed.
7. General

The candidate:

a) Contestants may use only one composition per composer per round. For example: A candidate competing in the Coupe Mondiale is required to play the music by J. S. Bach in Round I as part of the Test Section; therefore the candidate may also play one composition by J. S. Bach in Round III as part of their Choice Program if so desired.

Exception: This rule does not apply to the Senior and Junior Virtuoso Entertainment sections. A candidate may play more than one piece by each composer if desired, however they must continue to observe the rule that music should be of a different style and character.

b) It is forbidden to perform any piece more than once throughout the competition irrespective of section or category or test piece chosen or imposed.

c) Entry form must include opus numbers and any other identification such as catalogue numbers and individual movements for each selection performed.

d) Entry form must list whether the compositions are published.

e) Entry form must list full name of composer and the arranger if applicable.

f) Candidate must give the playing-time for each selection.

g) Candidate must send a photograph in passport size together with the entry form to the secretariat or e-mail the picture as per directions on the on-line entry form.

i) The candidate's signature on the entry form is a statement saying that the candidate has read the rules and understands and accepts them. On the on-line entry form, the candidate will be required to check a box declaring that they understand and accept the conditions and requirements for that particular category.

j) First Place winners in a category may not enter that same category in subsequent years.

8. Judging
Contestants are judged in all sections on overall musicianship, including technical proficiency and stylistic understanding of all music performed. THE DECISIONS OF THE JURY ARE FINAL.
9. Time Limit Penalty

Note to candidates: Completing the entry form on line, indicates that the candidate understands the competition guidelines; please ensure your program meets the competition guidelines concerning minimum and maximum time limits. Mark penalties for any failure to follow the maximum or minimum playing time for each class will be imposed as follows:

The amount of any Playing Time Mark Penalty shall be:

  • Less than two minutes under the minimum playing time or less than two minutes over the maximum playing time - no mark penalty.
  • More than two minutes under the minimum playing time or more than two minutes over the maximum playing shall have a 1 point penalty for each minute or part thereof.

Example: The candidate has a playing time of 23:30 minutes in a category with a 20 minute maximum playing time limit.

  • 20.01 minutes to 22:00 minutes - no penalty
  • 22:01 minutes to 23:00 minutes is 1 point penalty
  • 23:01 minutes to 24:00 minutes is 1 point penalty

Therefore this candidate would have a 2 point penalty deducted.

10. Accommodation
Accommodation can be arranged with the Coupe Mondiale organizer but is to be paid by the candidate. There several options of Hotels in and around Castelo Branco. Please see the information page on accommodation.

If informed early enough, the organizer will make every effort to find accommodations for those family and friends who accompany the candidate; however, the organizer cannot assume accommodation responsibilities for those who accompany the candidate.
11. Arrival and Departure

All participants must announce his/her arrival and departure date and times with the entry or registration form. Participants requiring a visa should request an official invitation to obtain a visa when entering the competition.

12. CIA Competition Rules and Regulations
The English language version found on-line at the official CIA Coupe Mondiale website will be the definitive text.
13. Closing Date for Entries

Please Note: If you are from a country where a visa is required to enter Portugal (or a transit visa if you are traveling via another country) please send your on-line entry sufficiently in advance to allow time for an invitation letter to be sent to you.

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