'O Medo Do Ritmo' by Carlos Marecos

Meet Carlos Marecos
composer of the 2005 Test Piece
'O Medo Do Ritmo'

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2005 Test Piece "O Medo Do Ritmo"
If you would like a copy of the
2005 Test Piece
"O Medo Do Ritmo"
please contact the 2005 Coupe Mondiale organizer
Mr. Carlos Semedo:

Meet the Coupe Mondiale Test Piece Composer - Carlos Marecos

Born in Lisbon, Mr. Marecos began his musical studies at the Music Academy "Academia de Amadores de Música" in Lisbon. He graduated in Composition from "Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa" where he studied with Eurico Carrapatoso, António Pinho Vargas and Christopher Bochmann. He also participated in seminars given by Emanuel Nunes, Gilbert Amy and Louis Andriessen.

In 1995 Marecos founded an ensemble of seven musicians called "Jardins Suspensos" and in 2001 he created another ensemble "Portable Quartet" with which he continues his work in the area of the contemporary music and in the harmonization of Portuguese traditional music.

During his career, Marecos has received commissions from entities as Culturgest (CGD), the Service Acarte of the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian, Expo-98 of Lisbon, the Clarinet Orchestra of Almada, OrchestrUtopica and the International Estoril Festival.

Marecos works regularly with theatre and contemporary dancers, with stage directors such as João Brites, Raul Atalia, Luís Miguel Cintra and Paulo Lages and the choreographers Madalena Victorino and Vera Mantero.

In 1999 Carlos Marecos was awarded the Composition Prize "Prémio Lopes-Graça" for his work 'Portuguese Folk Songs' for soprano and piano. He was awarded the same prize for a second consecutive year in 2000 when he won for his work "5 Miniatures for Cello Solo".

In recent years Mr. Marecos has been working regularly with opera and drama productions. July 2002 marked the performance in the National Palace of Ajuda "La Serva Padrona/A Criada Patroa", the Intermezzo Musicalle of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi which was recreated by Marecos in a modern version with his orchestration and original composition in all the Recitatives. The stage direction was by Paulo Lages, and the musical direction by Humberto Castanheira. This work was subsidized by the Portuguese Department of the Culture (IPAE).

In August of 2003 his work "Ligamos os motores damos aos remos" (Engines On, but We also Row) was premiered. This work was commissioned by OrchestrUtopica and of the Festival International of Music of the Estoril - Mare Nostrum, under the direction of the American director David Alen Miller and will also be performed in New York in 2005.

October of 2003 marked the performance of "Caminho ao céu" (Road to Heaven) a musical piece destined to be dramatized with stage direction by Paulo Lages. This work was commissioned by the Culturgest (CGD) on its 10th anniversary, under the musical direction of Cesario Costa.

In April of 2004 Marecos completed his first original Opera. A chamber opera called "O Fim - Ópera íntima" (The End - Intimate Opera) with his original music and the libretto of Paulo Lages, is based on a work of the Portuguese dramaturge António Patrício, with stage direction by Paulo Lages and musical direction by Humberto Castanheira. This work was subsidized by the Portuguese Department of the Culture /IA.

Today Marecos teaches composition at the Conservatorio de Música D. Dinis at Odivelas and in the Technical School of Image and Communication in Lisbon.

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