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  • There is no limit of numbers of candidates from each country.
  • Candidates up to 32 years of age are allowed to enter the competition - year of birth: born 1982 or later.
  • All entrants are required to provide proof of age and nationality (Passport) when they register at the Coupe Mondiale.
  • This category is for ONE (1) performer only.
  • For full eligibility, please see General Information and Conditions
  • Entries are now closed. We look forward to welcoming you to Salzburg.
  • All programs are subject to the approval by the CIA Music Committee.

OWN CHOICE PROGRAM ONLY: Own Choice Show/Entertainment Program.

  • Playing time: maximum 15 minutes. Failure to observe the maximum playing time will result in a mark penalty.
  • External sound modules, may be used for effects only, not for the whole program.
  • Rehearsal time of up to 15 minutes per candidate will be scheduled prior to the competition.
  • Performance sound set up time - maximum 2 minutes. Performance sound break down - maximum 2 minutes.
  • All types and make of digital accordion may be used and bellows must be the primary volume control of the digital sounds. Digital accordions with acoustic sounds are permitted with the reeds amplified provided the candidate uses the accordion and bellows to make substantial use of digital sounds.
  • To assist the candidates in preparing their programs, please note that the adjudicators marks will take into account:
    - Originality and creativity of program
    - Technique/playing ability
    - Musicality
    - Digital Usage eg: multiple voices, multiple sounds, programing of sound sets, correct sound useage.
      Look for effective use of many of the digital instrument capabilities plus creativity factors.
    - Creativity eg: additional equipment such as - computer, effects box, looping - multi tracking and
      backing tracks, exploiting instrument possibilities, customising settings. Effective use of technologies.
    - Structure eg: planned programing, adaption for digital instrument.
    - Stagecraft, charisma, performance presentation.
    - Candidates playing on a digital instrument, in the same way they would perform on an acoustic
      accordion, without good digital usage, are not making effective use of digital technology and
      that should refelct in the marks with higher marks to candidates with good digital usage, creativity
    and structure.
  • Prizes to be announced.
  • All candidates will receive a Diploma of Participation.
  • National member associations are requested to offer concerts or a tour for the 1st Prize Winners.
  • All winners must be present in person at the Awards Ceremony in appropriate attire suitable for press coverage and publicity appearances. In case of absence, the prize may be accepted by a delegate of their country or the Diplomas will be mailed by the Secretariat.

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